Chamber filter press – Drip plate

Drip plate

The drip plate is mounted under the filter plate package for collecting the dripping water during filtration and conduct the water into the filtrate channel. Before emptying, the drip plate has to be removed by hand, so that the filter can cake drop down.


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Swiveling drip trays

For automation we install hydraulic driven swiveling drip trays. They consist of two drip plates, which open automatically at emptying, so that the filter cake can drop down. After emptying the swiveling drip trays would be closed. The system would be driven by a hydraulic aggregate as well as all other functions. The drip plates are made of polypropylene or of stainless steel.



The benefits

  • the opening and closing between emptying happens automatically, You save time and personnel costs
  • the open drip tray adopt the function of a hopper for the filter cake. So that the filter cake can concerted fall down